Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Many Times Does That Happen?

How many times does it actually happen that the first half of the week goes really well?

In all honesty, Monday through Wednesday are usually dragging for me and I'm looking forward to the end and the weekend.  Good news and events almost always happen in the later part of the week.  Is it true for you too?

Well this week, dispite the FREEZING weather, has been awesome!  

The good news - The robot at work did not cooperate well last week, but has been working perfectly and has finished my experiment.  I'm crossing my fingers that it continues to be so wonderful while I work up and run my analysis!  {Do you hear me robot?  I'm loving you right now, will you return the favor?}

I have also been really productive!  I have organized and finished all of the samples I had to run in my new lab {all 19 of them!}, completed nearly all of the notebook entries for samples in BOTH labs, and had time at home to process some more of the pictures I took of my nephew!  

However, last night, not so productive.  Neither of us got home until 5:30! Then we spent way to long at the gym.  I didn't even start making dinner until 8:30.  and then we went to bed...we lead such fun and exciting lives!

If the beginning of the week wasn't good enough, the end keeps sounding better and better! 

The Boy {husband's best friend from elementary school} is coming to visit Thursday to Sunday!  I love to have him visit!  I just wish that his fiance {The Girl} could come too!  I absolutely love her and couldn't be more thrilled that they are getting married in June!

This weekend promises to be filled with...
  • Good food - I can practice ANY recipe on the guys and they will love it.  And if they don't I am getting The Boy his very own box of cereal, which will probably be gone before he leaves!
  • Lots of video games - Its what they do.  And that means that I will get lots of naps because video game gun fire at 10,000 desibles = me falling asleep for some reason.
  • Plenty of time for me to get things done without having to make sure Husband is entertained.  I have mentioned it before...he is sooo ADD.
And because I love their pictures, I'll leave you with one from their engagement session we had last year...

Image by: Jennifer

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BEAUTIFUL picture!