Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Monochromatic Last Day

Today is my last day in this job that I have loved for the last year and a half. My contract is expiring and the group has not been given the financial higher-up approval to renew it, though I know they wish they could.

I am happy and very lucky that I already have a new position lined up with the same company, on the same campus, in the same building, leaving my desk in the same location. So I will be leaving...but not really.

I am sad, though, to be leaving a position that I have really fallen in love with. Even my outfit today portrays my mood. It is very monochromatic.


{Apologies for the bad quality from my phone}
Sweater - H&M
Ruffled Tank Top - Wal-mart!
Skirt - Old Navy

The only 'color' I am wearing today are my beautiful coral shoes!


Shoes - Nine West

Starting this afternoon I will be on 'vacation' until August 3rd. I am really looking forward to this time off to recuperate and prepare for my new group.

My first week back I have to travel for some worthless waste of time training.

So I'm wondering if any of you out there are in/around the Harrisburg and Lancaster Pennsylvania area? Let me know and we can meet up for dinner!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morning Musings from the Sleep Deprived

Well, Husband had his first evening of call last night. Yes he got to leave the hospital around 10:30, but he came home and was! its like he feeds on little sleep, being pulled in fifty directions at once and the hospital environment.

Needless to say, we did not get to bed until after mid-night. {Sounds pathetic for a Friday night} But here I am awake on this extremely cold Saturday morning at 6 am. {By the way what is up with this chilly weather? The high isn't even supposed to reach 70 today!}

Husband has rounds this morning at 7 and I need to go for a run and make cupcakes for my family reunion tomorrow and to celebrate Dad-in-laws birthday. I'm just hoping that the sun will warm me up quickly on my run...oh wait, never mind, the clouds are rolling in.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 17, 2009

{⋮24 May 2009⋮} Nephew Calendula

I have had these and keep forgetting to post them. Enjoy...


He love his uncle!


With Daddy! Also know on this little blog as Big Brother!



"Bubbles! My bubbles."
{One of my favorite movie quote of all time. Quick what movie is that quote from?}



The Puppies kept getting in the pictures!




All my pictures can be seen HERE.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best of Family

I'll apologize in advance...its going to be a long, personal post.

My family is really close. Mostly they are obnoxious, loud and crass, but that makes me love them all the more. When we get together for family functions, usually at my Aunt's house, the men congregate around the TV in the basement to argue about football or anything else that may come up. That's what they do, argue (in that funny family way) at the top of their lungs about.any.thing!

The women have their own little ritual...gather in the kitchen around the food and the TV to argue about the men...and football of course! We are all very much alike Grandma, Aunt, Cousin and I.

Cousin is my only fellow women in my generation in my entire extended family. She means a lot to me.

If you follow me on twitter you know she has had a rough couple of days and here's the story...

A few years ago she started bruising easily. None of the doctors could figure out why. She went for tests. They turned up nothing unusual. She went for more tests, to new doctors and nothing. Finally, after leaving one doctor's visit the doctor came running out of the office to catch them. She had an idea to go on.

Cousin got a genetic profile done and after waiting what seemed like forever, the results were back. She had tested positive. She has a rare genetic disorder (sorry its rare enough that I don't think I should name it) that makes her veins, arteries, and connective tissue weak. Weak to the point of just breaking and rupturing without a source of trauma. She will get a bruise by just looking at her arm the wrong way and there's nothing that can be done to fix them.

(Looking back on it Husband says that all they needed was a 2nd year medical student and they would have had a diagnosis sooner. He has learned about her disorder in almost every class because they only teach the things that can go wrong with the body and the more rare it is the more they learn about it...go figure. Needless to say, he has never missed a question over the topic!)

Even more shocking news to the family was that it is an autosomal dominate trait, meaning eanyone in her family blood line should have it too. No one else shows the severe symptoms she has. No one else has been tested. I don't know that I'm ready find out the truth myself yet...

Well, Monday morning Aunt called me. Cousin is in the hospital. She thought she and ruptured a vein in her leg. It kept getting worse and the pain became unbearable. Turns out she had ruptured not one, but 2 ARTERIES!

The doctors in Home-Town refused the case because the surgery to repair them was to difficult and risky. They transported her to the Big-City Hospital. (Which I was glad for, because I could visit her now)

Her lower leg was completely black and blue, the pulse in her foot was weak, and she hadn't eaten anything for a long time because they knew she would have surgery. All of this made for a typical cranky cousin. (the women in my family like to eat and complain. I recommend not coming between us and our food fancies!) The surgeon agreed to take her case though and she was in surgery the next day. It took him 3 hours to feed a infant sized catheter up a vein in her foot and to her shin. The artery was to compromised to fix it the way they had hoped, but they stopped the bleeding.

She will hopefully go home tomorrow, but I worry about her. She is coming out of the hospital more bruised than when she went in. She had 3 IV blow outs because her veins were to weak to take the needles (bruising up and down both arms), the EKG monitor pads on her chest bruised her, and the tape from any adhesive bruised her too.

One of the saddest things is that she cannot get health insurance. No one will cover her pre-existing condition, not even the state plan because she doesn't have any children, she doesn't qualify. (Seriously people! If she DID get pregnant it would kill her!) At least they can still choose what doctor to visit and give her the best care possible. The surgeon was really good.

Wow that was a long drawn out story. Congratulations to those of you who made it this far! And thanks for listening. Finally I'll leave you with a couple pictures...

Us out at the bars with my Dad, Anut, Uncle, and 2 cousins!
(Yeah it was a 'family function')

Me and the cousins!

I am asking all of you to please pray for her as she travels home, that no complications arise and that her arteries will be strong.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anniversary Surprises

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes. We did have a very nice anniversary after Husband returned home from Crappy-Town Mid-west.

He felt incredibly guilty for not being with me on our actually anniversary {entirely not his fault} and still wanted to make it special. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses - a dozen white and 4 red for our 4 years - and it was a complete surprise!

Right after I got home from work and was in the backyard talking to the neighbor a florist pulled up. He had to tell them to make the delivery as late as possible so that I would be home. Husband said that he wanted to send them to me at work, but wasn't sure that I would get them. Which is true I probably wouldn't have because of inter office mail to the different campuses. I was just thrilled with my surprise!


In other news, life has gotten in the way of itself once again. I don't want to post about the events until I find out more, but in the mean time please send up prayers for my cousin. She could definitely use them and I promise to do a little post once I find out more about the game plan.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

It was 4 years ago today that I married my high school sweet heart and my best friend.

After seven years we walked towards each other never to turn away.

I love him.

{This was during The Lord's Prayer. There was much contention over wether or not we would say trespasses or sins...I won. We said Trespasses. And yes, he was that much taller than me even with my 4 inch heals...}

{It only took us 7 years to get there, but we finally made it!}

{Now if only the darn school would let him come home to me! I mean come on! We planned his rotations so that he wouldn't be away for this month and they changed the rules of the game on us!}

So while Husband is stuck in Crappy-Town Mid-West for the rest of the week I'm going to go home, cuddle with the puppies, look through our wedding pictures, and wait for him to call me when he gets out of the clinic.

Happy Anniversary Husband!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Husband was give a new title this weekend: Best-Friend-in-Law.

The Boy and The Girl got married this weekend!!!

It was beautiful and I got to distract myself from bawling! take lots of pictures. Her photographer wasn't going to be there while the girls got ready {what's up with that?} and I told her that I would fill in, I only wish I could have taken pictures for the guys too.

They all got ready, I remembered the rings, they made it to the ceremony site, the guys walked down the aisle, she stepped out for all to see, but I was watching The Boy's face and as soon as he saw her his face lit up...I started crying. I love The Boy and am thankfully for his relationship with Husband. {If you have ever seen 'Scrubs' their relationship is similar to that of Turk and JD. Seriously. The Boy has been referred to as my 2nd boyfriend and my stand-in husband because they are inseparable. He went on most dates with us and even lived with us for a while.} But more on their friendship {and the battle between Husband-best man and Dad of the Groom involving microphones...} later.

For now I will give you a little preview of their wedding pictures. For all of you wondering, yes she did make husband wear pink choral, no he was not thrilled about it, and yes she will never hear the end of it!


The most beautifully vibrant color!


She is absolutely gorgeous! And so was their hotel room.


I have know these guys for alsmot 11 years {wow Husband and I have been together a long time!} and they crack me up.


The new Mr. and Mrs.! Another tear jerker for me. I am so happy that he found a beautiful bride that brings out the best in him!

I'll be posting all of the pictures HERE