Friday, August 29, 2008

Let me say wow!

Big shocking news today...Sarah Palin announced as McCain's running mate. Let me just say, so far I am impressed! Her oldest son is a soldier and her youngest has Down Syndrome. Even though prenatal genetic testing diagnosed him early, she kept the child as the world gave him to her instead of snuffing out his life. She is a beautiful, strong, conservative woman...I'm currently impressed and inspired. Let us see how this all unfold!

(I apologize for the political post, but I have a feeling that we will not be able to avoid politics until November 4th)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big things are happening this weekend!

This weekend many things will unfold. The pergola is (in theory) going to finally be built and the bed room is getting repainted! I am very excited about my navy blue and green room that I posted about here.

Here is another image that fits the idea that I have for this room.

From Jessica Strickland Photography

I'll have pictures of the two finished projects up as soon as I can!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Books - Just Because Reading

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Books I've Read - Young Adult

I know I'm an adult now, but the young adult literature has been really good lately!  You doesn't love good writing, fun and innocent story lines, and a quick read?

Here are a few the I have flipped though myself!

A story of a young girl, Gemma Doyel, shipped away to a boarding school where she doesn't really fit in.  The plot includes everything from secret societies to alternative realms of reality.  Its definitely an exciting action filled book for young girls!  And yes its a trilogy!

The second book in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

The series contains six books (I think the series is completed) and is the story of a young criminal mastermind.  One of the few young adult books in which the main character actually knows or is informed of everything going on around them!  And yes...there is a movie in the works.

Books - Book Clubs

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So far: I really like this book, but it maybe because I have seen a lot of rivalry in my life.  To be honest, it happens all the time.  As women we need to just admit it and move on...if you are denying that you have some of these tendencies it is my opinion that you are lying to yourself.

Past - 

Review:  A very good how to guide about keeping the love in your marriage.  I would recommend this book to any newlyweds or to-be-newlyweds.

Review: Absolutely amazing book!  I am now a huge fan of  Rob Bell and Really want to read all of his other books!

Review: One of the most terrible anti-feminist books I have ever read.  I'm sorry, its not a lie, women do have the right to equitable wages and quality health care!

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Books - I Have Yet to Read

A dragon eats the Sun

This morning there was a solar eclipse that passed over the northern parts of the globe. The entire event was broadcasted online via NASA's Exploratorium with AMAZING images! This extremely natural event seems very unnatural when you observe it (I remeber one during 6th grade...eire is the word that comes to mind). Imagine knowing that the sun is high in the sky, but its 10 degrees cooler that normal and everything is cast into darkness is hast. Thinking about what it would be like to witness the disappearance of the sun and its life giving light without the aid of science to explain what is happening, it is no wonder ancient people were terrified by it and thought that an eclipse was a bad omen. In ancient China, it was believed that a dragon took flight and ate the sun. The people would bang drums and pots to scare away the dragon and return the sun. Even in the last 100 years people would still fire cannons in the hopes of chasing away the hungry dragon and restore our life source. Some societies today even warn through TV and radio that parents should keep their children indoors during an eclipse so that the evil spirits that appear in the shadow of the moon do not kidnap the children.

While being indoors is one of the safest places during an eclipse, this is only to avoid the temptation of looking into the sun to see what is happening. The only safe time to view an eclipse without the aid of a filter is in its totality, when the entire sun is blocked out. It may only last a couple pf minutes, but that is when everything happens! During totality you can look directly at the sun and see the wonders of
'Bailey's beads'the 'diamond ring effect'

the corona (can only be seen during an eclipse)

and prominences.

The phenomenon was spectacular and the web cast can still be viewed here! Enjoy!