Monday, July 14, 2008

A Place of Refuge

I don't know what I was thinking! We moved into the house and I excitedly picked out paint colors and room themes. I knew exactly what I wanted and was anxious for the master bedroom paint to go up, but I was severely miss led. Sage green is a beautiful color and it was the perfect color for my wedding, but a bedroom? I think a room so energize you and make you smile when you enter it. Sage was just took bland for what I was really looking for (and I need some thing more fun to go with the paint job I just finished in the master bathroom. See below).

I had no idea what I really wanted. And then, I had the pleasure of staying in a fabulous room at the Indigo Hotel in Chicago. I was breath taking with dark tropical blues and lime green accents with white neutrals. It was perfect.

I'm not a fan of the mural, but you can get the idea. The room even had a cute lime green coffee maker!

The room is pretty large and I am hoping that the darker blues will make it feel smaller and more intimate. I'll be picking out paint colors soon. Wish me luck!

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