Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An inspiring space

I have been going back a forth about what colors to paint and decorate with in my craft room. I could not decide. Did I want dark and rich? Bright and cheery? or Bold? Well, I think I have decided finally! Its only been 2 years for me to make up my mind. I think the scheme will be (tentatively, I always change my mind) green walls (almost a Kelly Green or lighter...did I mention I looove the color green) with black, Yellow, and a hint of orange accents! What you you think? Its kind of bright and with some bold use of the accents colors could look amazing! Have you used such a bright all over color for a large room? What are your favorite yellow, black, and orange decorative pieces? Here are a few things that have inspired these colors.

I love the art work by Anthony Morrow (the bee above)
. He's art work focused on the adorable bugs in the world are soft and colorful. They would be a wonderful addition to a baby room too...down the road, maybe...

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