Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daddy Diaper Check

We're at the very beginning of the potty training process with Firefly. He's to young to really understand the concept yet, but he's interested in the potty.  We went out and bought him his own little potty chair and he loves sitting on it and 'flushing' the thing. Every time I have to change a poopy diaper, I ask him if he needs to used the potty and he runs in the bathroom to do his thing.

We're learning to associate pooping with the potty. So, every time I hear the little man rip a fart I check his diaper. His teachers are doing this at daycare too.

Apparently he's getting pretty good at associating...

The other night Husband ripped one (charming right?) and Firefly ran over and said uuuh ooooh. He then proceeded to try and look into Husband's shorts to check for poo. I was laughing uncontrollably! Its happened at least once more and it just keeps getting funnier to watch Husband try to keep his shorts in place while Firefly is trying to look in them.

Its small things like an unwanted diaper check that keep the smile on my face every day.