Pour l'Amour de... means for the love of. I created this blog for that reason, love of family, art, and ...life.

My two most predominant loves are my family and photography and believe me, it gets pretty ridiculous when the two of them meet. 

I'm a scientist by day and a wife, mother and photographer at every other available moment. 

In the beginning there were two:

Husband and I started dating back in high school. We've grown into adults and experienced half our lives together. He is my best friend, my rock, my everything.

Fall 2004

Then there were the furry ones:

The roommate that tolerates us as long as we keep giving her treats.

The neurotic flurry one
The spastic lovable one

Then there were three:

There is nothing I love more than being a mother. Our little Firefly was born December 30th, 2010 and has been a constant joy in our lives.

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