Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Ride on the "Choo Choo"

Firefly and I went downtown to visit Husband at the hospitals last week. Not only did we getting to see where Husband worked (the hospitals NOT the psych ward, *shudder*), but we took the "choo choo" to get there.

The local hospital systems are connected by an electric tram that shuttles patients, doctors and researchers across town.

Not only is the ride FREE, but it only lasts about 6 minutes which is perfect for a little one that really only wants to get on and off and point at it as it pulls away.

So we drove downtown to ride the train. He was really excited to carry his bag and explore a new place.

This was the image with now we started out. It was going to be great, Only about a 5 minute walk to the first stop. After a nice half hour detour because of some hazmat issue in an ER that closed down all the side walk we finally made it and even got to chat with one of Husband's colleagues. (Which was awesome as I was close to an asthma attack and incredibly nauseous after carrying the almost 2 year old for 30 minutes while pregnant.)

Not that Firefly minded. He was quite thrilled.

He was fascinated!

He really loved seeing the city from above.

We ate in the drowned in butter wonderful hospital cafeteria and met some more of Husband's colleagues. While we'll never really see where Husband works, the cafeteria is a good place to meet!

We loved watching the cars drive under the walking bridge.

Then, we made the secretary's day by stopping to say hi and giving her a drawing for her new office.

We said goodbye to Husband and jumped on the choo choo to go home.  When we got off to head home we had to stay and watch it leave so that we could say "bye bye choo choo!" 

All he's been talking about since is the choo choo and playing with his trains. It was a fantastic outing and I think we'll definitely be doing it again. 

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