Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 'Lady' in Red

This last weekend was full of hard work and I'm still trying to recover! Best-Friend and Best-Friend-in-Law are in the process of making their newly purchased house their home. Being the wonderful friends that we are, we made the drive to offer our help. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into...

Now, I love BFIL and I know that she is a little *holds thumb and index finger barely apart and squints threw them* OCD. I spent my time doing paint touch ups and painting all of the base boards - something I will never do in my own house! I would rather just replace the damn things and start over!

The boys got to paint the closets with close OCD oversight. the boys really saw no point in painting closets, but they did it anyway!

They did get in a round of golf while us girls went shopping! It was nice, but after a seriously long debate, several stores and endless discussion as to which welcome mat BFIL needed for the front door I decided that we were done. She did find one that she liked. She placed in in front of the door and promptly stated that she thought it was to small and would have to go shopping again. (I think I'll sit that one out)

I love them both but the weekend stressed me out.

To lighten the mood and serve up some laughs I give you this video that I saw on AOTS last week. (I love that show) For all of you Lady Gaga fans...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{⋮February 2010⋮} The B Family

Wow. I've been absent a bit. From posting to reading and everything in between.

In an attempt to distract and pacify you lovely readers, here is the adorableness of a friends daughter. She had just turned 1 and I got the pleasure of taking her pictures in an attempt to document the momentous occasion! Enjoy...