Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Husband was give a new title this weekend: Best-Friend-in-Law.

The Boy and The Girl got married this weekend!!!

It was beautiful and I got to distract myself from bawling! take lots of pictures. Her photographer wasn't going to be there while the girls got ready {what's up with that?} and I told her that I would fill in, I only wish I could have taken pictures for the guys too.

They all got ready, I remembered the rings, they made it to the ceremony site, the guys walked down the aisle, she stepped out for all to see, but I was watching The Boy's face and as soon as he saw her his face lit up...I started crying. I love The Boy and am thankfully for his relationship with Husband. {If you have ever seen 'Scrubs' their relationship is similar to that of Turk and JD. Seriously. The Boy has been referred to as my 2nd boyfriend and my stand-in husband because they are inseparable. He went on most dates with us and even lived with us for a while.} But more on their friendship {and the battle between Husband-best man and Dad of the Groom involving microphones...} later.

For now I will give you a little preview of their wedding pictures. For all of you wondering, yes she did make husband wear pink choral, no he was not thrilled about it, and yes she will never hear the end of it!


The most beautifully vibrant color!


She is absolutely gorgeous! And so was their hotel room.


I have know these guys for alsmot 11 years {wow Husband and I have been together a long time!} and they crack me up.


The new Mr. and Mrs.! Another tear jerker for me. I am so happy that he found a beautiful bride that brings out the best in him!

I'll be posting all of the pictures HERE


Whitney said...

OMG BEAUTIFUL pics Jennifer!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

congrats to your friends!

and ps. you took some AMAZING pictures!!