Monday, December 15, 2008

An Image for Today - Monday

Stick a bow on it...

Image By: Jennifer Photography

A wonderful image from Christmas last year. Top off the night with one of the best gifts of all...playing games all night long with the best friends!

Oh the wonderful things I get away with snapping pictures of!

It is one of our favorite traditions...after a day full of family and gifts we head over to the best friend's Grandma's and eat more, open more gifts, and play games until our tummies hurt from laughing too hard. Its hard not to laugh when you play a draw four wild on Grandma and she calls you a 'Dumb Poo" or the hysterical 'Nasty Soul'!

What are your favorite family events during the holidays? Are there games with shouting and laughing or is it a quiet night together?

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