Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Image for Today - Tuesday

There's Giants some where!...

Image by: The Mother

Those are some giant Christmas bulbs we just found lying around.

I love road trips! This weekend the Women made a trip up to Frankenmuth, Michigan. We visited the little shoppes and went to one of the most wonderful places... Bronner's!

Bronner's CHRlSTmas wonderland is 7 acres of Christmas goodness 364 days a year!

It has been a girl thing ever since I was little. Every year the girls get in the car and drive up there. We shop. We eat. We laugh and have some fun.

This is just one of our many traditions, now what want to here from you! What are some of your traditions for this holiday season? what are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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jessica lynn said...

i like how you refer to your mom as "the mother" haha! you, me, your mom and my mom should take a little weekend trip some time soon! perhaps come spring!?