Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Image for Today - Tueday

A Dinosaur and an ADD Husband...

Image By: Jennifer Photography

This is what happens when you have an ADD Husband and to much time with nothing to do. After the Blue and Gold Wedding, while waiting in the hotel lobby for the reception to begin, Husband declares he's bored! I told him to watch the basketball game that was on in the lobby with little luck...IU vs. Kentucky {not the most riveting game!}

This is a problem. When Husband gets bored he starts entertaining himself by picking on none other than me! You have to be prepared for this at all times lest you face the full impact of his restless boredom.

Luckily...{and I have no idea why} we had this little Dinosaur figure with us.

Image By: Jennifer Photography

The poor little guy bravely withstood the wave of boredom until we were ushered up to the ballroom and other things to play with {anything sitting on the table}.

It really is like entertaining a little kid...except he's an adult and should be able to behave. Alas, I love him and he keeps my life interesting.

Do your husbands {kids} get bored too? What do you do when boredom strikes and you are stuck waiting some where, with nothing to do? What do you always take with you to keep them occupied?