Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Image for Today...

Huskies laying by an open fire...

Image by: Jennifer Photography

Ok, the holiday is over and I'm getting back to blogging!

Where do your furry children like to curl up during the Christmas season? Do they like the snow?

How was your thanksgiving? Did you go out shopping on Black Friday? Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?

I had a great time shopping and am ready for Christmas now!

I have started putting out decorations and can't wait to get our tree! I will have to wait a little longer though...Husband has to travel this week and we love to decorate our tree together {not to mention it helps that he can put on the Angel without a step ladder!}

Isn't Fluffy Puppy adorable curled up in front of the fire? It is his favorite spot when its cold outside...who would of thought the husky with all of his fur loves to roast himself until he's panting.

Little Puppy doesn't so much like the heat, but loves to take big brother's spot! which reminds me...I need to take an updated picture of our stocking since we brought home Little Puppy.

Where do your furry little ones like to curl up during the Christmas season? Do they love the snow?

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