Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its so Wonderful

I'm honored!  Thanks go out to Sara from Unwrap Life agging me in her Kreativ Blogger Award!

The rules...
List seven things that I love.
Pass the award on to seven bloggers that I love

Shouldn't be to hard right?  After all this is Pour l'amour de...{For the love of...}.  

1.  Our Little Family
Husand is at school studying for his block of examines tomorrow and I am home with the puppies, The Fluffy One and The Little One.  Its a small little family, but it is perfect!  It will eventually expand, but not anytime in the near future.    It is never a dull moment with the pups.  As an example here's a little video clip of the mood that they are in this morning...

2.  Reading
I love to escape into the world of a book, if only for a few pages at a time.  Right now I am reading 3 different books and have a list of about 30 that I want to get to soon!  I didn't love to read until Husband came along.  He reads A LOT.  He will go through 3 books in one weekend and has a complex that he must own the books that he reads so that he can reread them again and again {he could seriously read the words of the page}.  Its because of him that I have developed this love!  If you're wondering the books that I've read or are on my list to read click on the like in the menu above {or here}.  I'm working on populating the list now!

Just one of your many bookshelves

3.  Science
I am admit it I am  nerd!  Science fasinates me!  Its always changing and moving, trying to understand the world and how it works!  

4.  Photography
My artistic outlet.  I have mentioned before how I need to have a balance between science and the arts in my life to be happy and this is how I do it...

Image by: Jennifer

5.  Sewing
Another artistic outlet that I could spend way to much time a money working on.  I love to design and make my own clothes.  I just takes to much time to actualy make the outfits and time is something that I don't have a lot of.  I learned from my Grandmother, who learned from her mother...This love has led me to do some pretty amazing things.  My Grandmother taught me to sew {correctly} when I made my senior prom dress for a class project.  She was there guiding my hands as I made my wedding dress.  

{For source of images please contact me}

I love my Grandmother for all the love, help and guidance she has given me!

6.  Calla Lilies
They are so beautiful!  They have clean lines and an elegant flower.  


7.  My Ancestors
{Yes I'm a nerd I have already established this}  
My Great Grandparents came here from Germany for a brighter future.  They did not have a great education, but opened a tavern to support they're family.  My Grandfather could not go to school and stayed home to run the family business and here I am.  A third generation from imigrants with a Masters in Chemistry and working in pharmaceuical reseach!  My ancestor's hard work have made all of it possible and proves that America is the land of opportunities!  

So that you have it.  Seven things that I love.  

I am passing this wonderful award on to:

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jlc said...

Awww thank you!!!!

You rock hun! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww thank you so much. I needed something like this, today. And, congrats to you, too. You deserve it!