Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Anti-social Slacker

Yep, that's what I've been the last week.  I just haven't felt like writing anything, but I think that the mood has pasted!  

I wanted to give you all a little recap of my weekend and what I have neglected to share...

I had the most amazing Saturday this past weekend!  A friend and I went to a coffee held by Side-by-Side for the wives of doctors and dentists.  All of the women were so nice and helpful!  The topic for discussion was Supporting our Husbands through the Hard Times.  The topic is so important because there will be hard times.  There's no point in denying it, its not easy being married to a med-student or a physician.  There are lost of long night and special occasions spent apart and its hard to be the wife and never be upset or feel neglected.  My friend is going to have a rough year next year living apart from her husband.  All of the ladies were great about offering her support!  

After the coffee we went for a little shopping and gelato!  I had so much fun!

Sunday I started to feel really overwhelmed with all of the things that I have going on.  The feeling has just started to go away, but Sunday I was so tired and worn out.  Don't you just hate it when things seem like they have buried you?  Well I'm beginning to see the light. {literally...the sun its out today and it is gorgeous!}

sunny field - millie holloman
Image by: Millie Holloman
This is what I wish I was doing right now!

Today I had to attend a radiation safety meeting.  Doesn't it sound like fun?  Yeah, it wasn't.  This training is for the new lab that I have been in now for like a month.  I should be done in that lab soon and I am just now getting this training to allow me to use the x-ray diffraction instrument.  I can't believe that I had to postpone running samples because of this training.  But the best part was the location to I had to go to for the 1 hour training/you-don't-need-to-be-scared-of-it course.  It was at the corporate building...I had to take the shuttle to get there.  And the 'building' didn't even exist on the first map that I had!  

The 'building' was really just a space in between 2 other that was enclosed.  {does that really count as a new building?} It was so difficult to find with all of the meandering hallways, not so level floors, stairs to no where, and lack of directional signs.  Even Boss Man said he would probably get lost trying to find it!  But I'm proud to say that I did find my way there {and back!} and only had to ask for a direction once!  HA take that impossible to navigate corporate building complex! Hahahah

After that victory I'm feeling pretty good about myself!  We'll see how the night turns out!  

I'm headed to Wives's Book Club tonight and we're talking about female rivalry in relationships.  Should be interesting!  Do you have any rivalry stories that involve relationships between your girlfriends and/or spouses?

I'm really liking this book.  Last week we had some great discussion.  I hope tonight does not disappoint!


Whitney said...

Girl I've missed your blogging! I know how it feels to feel like everything is weighing you down. It's exactly how I feel right now with all my job crap going on! Have fun at book club!

*~! megs !~* said...

Glad you're back to the blogging world!! Hope you have fun at your book club! I so want to join one of these!