Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Image for Today - Wednesday



Image by: Jennifer
Taken 15 February 2009

Now that have have finished Nephew Calendula's pictures I can concentrate what little free time I have on my personal pictures.  I'll post a few every now and then, but its probably going to  take a long time to get through all of them!  I hope you like them!

In the mean time...

So I've been writing a lot about how many hours I have been working and everything.  Well I just had a very good meeting with Boss Man about my career goals.  It went really well!  We'll see where it all goes from here!  I have the best bosses in the entire world!

{On that note, I may or may not be bribing the lab group with chocolate chocolate to be exact!  And I must say its really good!}

After all of this good news today I think I'm going to do something fun and completely out of my norm after work...I'm going to the local TEA PARTY!  And I'm bringing my camera!  I hope I get some good shots and add myself to the group of those speaking out! 

This should be fun!  Are any of you going too?


SassyEngineer said...

I can't wait to hear about the Tea Party! I'm glad you are going :)

Barefoot in the Park said...

oo i was thinking about going to the tea party here too ... let us know how it went!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Cool picture!