Monday, April 13, 2009

Without Further Ado...

I have finally finished processing the pictures that I took of my Nephew Calendula's baptism!  Its been really hard getting to them after coming home from working 10 plus hours EVERY day that last couple of weeks, but I think they turned out really good!

So without further ado...

So, what do you think? Itsn't he just the cutest?!

This weekend was a lot of fun! The Boy came to visit and the guys played video games alll weekend! I mean they would get up around 9 and stay up and play until about 4 am. The only breaks they took were to eat...And man did we eat!

I made some beef pitas and my amazing lasagna!

The pitas were really easy - cut the beef into strips and marinade in Kraft Greek dressing, the brown and put in a pita with humus, lettuce and feta cheese!

I wish I could give you all my lasagna recipe! But, alas, I don't make it from a recipe and it changes every time! I can tell you that I make a tomato soup bases meat sauce and a cheesy bechmeal sauce and layer it with lots of motzarella!

Easter was a laid back holiday this year. We didn't see any family and we made it a day together. And what was for dinner after all of the great food this weekend? Tacos! Yep, we have tacos for Easter! It was fun, not stressful and 100% focused in the right direction...perfect.

I hope you all had a great holiday!

4 comments: said...

Aw, what a cutie!

How do you get the colors in your pictures to be so vivid? Is it your camera or do you adjust the levels after the fact?

*~! megs !~* said...

what an adorable nephew you have!

Freck said...

thank you for the birthday wishes!!! :)

the pictures of the baptism are absolutely precious!!!

Mrs. Potts said...

How absolutely beautiful he is! Great job with your photos - how did you learn so much about taking them?

Thank you for the comment about my hair. It just burns me that she made such a mess of it.
I perused back through your blog & really enjoyed it. You have a new follower!