Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Image for Today - Tuesday

The touch of an Angel...

Image by: Jennifer

This is just one of the many pictures I got to take this weekend of Nephew Calendula and his baptism!

Nephew Calendula is just the most perfect little boy.  He didn't cry once during the baptism and let me take all of the pictures that we had time for.  I will share more pictures  when I get them all processed, but I just couldn't wait to share this one!

We had a lot of fun visiting with my in-laws who I absolutely love.  The only hiccup to a perfect weekend is when Big Sister thought she should share her opinion on when Husband and I should have a kid.  {Has any one ever done this to you?}

Excuse me, but it is NEVER ok to start a conversation with 'I think you two should start having kids now...'.  I understand asking politely when we may be thinking about it and having a conversation about the topic, but seriously.  We are not waiting for children because 'life is to hectic'.  When have our reasons and they are good ones {not that it matters or is any of your business}.  

We have been discussing having children since before you were even a part of our family, so you can get off your high horse about how wonderful it is!  And if you do read this Big Sister be warned...If you bring it up again the verbal filter will come off and the 'inside voices' will switch to outside and we all know what happens when Husband actually speaks what he's thinking!

Ok my little rant is over, but it has seriously been bothering me and its not the first time she's done it!

On a lighter note, I did get to wear my beautiful dress from Ann Taylor and was only a little chilly.  Here it is...

Its not the best picture, but I had to share the dress with all of you!  

Have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Aww you look so cute! Love that dress!!!


jlc said...

CUTE dress!! And Cute Blog!!! So glad I found it!!