Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh I'll Just Pack Everything

I am so happy that its Friday!  We have an exciting weekend planned with family coming up.  We are going to Big Brother's for Nephew Calendula's baptism!  Almost all of Husband's family will be there and all of Big Sister's family too!  {Which always makes for a 'interesting' time...} 

We're going up early to spend some time with them because we never get to see them enough.  Big Sister and I might go shopping tonight and I want to head over to the church to check things out.  I'm going to be taking the pictures!  

I just wish that Mother Nature would make up her mind so that I could plan what to pack.  This is the dress I picked up while shopping with Mom-in-law that want to wear.  I love it {minus the ugly flower pinned on it} and have the perfect yellow sweater to keep myself warmer!

But I might wear this one with some black boots if its cold on Sunday.

{Both from Ann Taylor Loft}
An I can't wait to see Mom-in-law it the outfit that I helped her pick out.  She looks amazing in it!  She going to be looking like one hot grandmamma!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I hope its warm and sunny for you!

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Newlywed Hostess said...

I LOVE the first dress and imagine that it will be perfect with a yellow sweater.
Also, regarding crazy dog...I will not even tell you what Hubby says about him. That dog is CRAZY!