Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big Match

While Husband was celebrating yesterday as what he has coined christmas-basketball eve {he is way to excited about the tournament this year} our 4th year med friends and and other 4th year medical students across the nation were anxiously waiting and some {frantically doing the dreadful scramble} completely freaking out.  Today is MATCH DAY.  

Good Luck!  I'm praying that you all get good matches!

For those of you not in the medical world, Match Day is the culmination of medical school.  The day that you find out if you really do get to be a surgeon, if you have to pack up and move across the country, if you even get to actually practice medicine or if its was all for naught.

This is a big deal!  

For those of you in the Greek life its kind of like sorority recruitment.  You're sitting there on bid day, after you have judged and ranked every possibility, and waiting to see who really wants you.  They give you an envelope and you wait until noon when everyone {all med 4th years across the nation} will open their envelope together.  And there are the few who got the call earlier that they.weren'!  {They have spent the last 3 days in the 'scramble' trying to find somewhere...anywhere}

We still have 2 years before our big match.

I am already stressed about it!

I already have contingency plans laid out, all based on what-ifs.  I am a planner.  I have to have a form of a plan at least in the works.  I have to know now what I might do if in 2 years the gods of the match tell me that Husband must go here and we have 2 months to sell our house and find a new place to live in a place that I have most likely never been.  Believe me there must be a plan. 

But this is the life of a wife of a medical student and I will make my plans for every possibility so that we are ready for anything.  

One of my really good friends is facing all of this today.  Her husband will find out if they have to move, if he will be somewhere else for that one transitional year or more, if they will buy the house that they have an offer on, if she will have to leave her job.  She was at the med student wives book club last night and I was impressed by how calm she was.  

Its all in Gods hands now...I'm praying and crossing my fingers, along with all the other superstitious things, that the match goes well!

{Image by: Sabinch via flickr}

UPDATE: My friend's husband didn't get the perfect match, but what he did get was awesome!  And it doesn't really change their plans.  I think Match Day went well :)