Thursday, March 5, 2009

100th Week!! - An image for Today - Thursday

Welcome back to my 100th Post Week!  Don't forget you ask your questions by midnight Friday!

Mother Nature...

Image by: Elaine Vallet

I love nature!  I think that one of the best places in the world to be is in a forest, in the morning, just after it has rained.  There is something magical about the way that the sun shines through the canopy in the early morning light and the mist of a recent rain.  It can cleanse the soul.

Husband and I love the great outdoors!  When we get to do something special for our anniversary we pack up the tent and the sleeping bags then head to a state park for a few days under the stars.  After visiting historical land marks and museums, camping is one of our favorite vacations!

How do you enjoy nature?

Here are a few more...

Image by: Mthree

Image by: David Jay

What inspires you from the great outdoors?

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Whitney said...

I love the beach. It is so peaceful and exciting all at the same time.