Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome back to my 100th Post Week! Don't forget you ask your questions by midnight Friday!
The play of light...

Image by: bobbi + mike

Light can turn any subject into a eye dazzling work of art.  Sunlight streaming in a window can warm the body and the heart.  I love when that one beam of light comes through the leaves, the window, or the clouds! Check out a few of my previous posts about light.

Here are a few gems...

Image by: bobbi + mike

Image by: bobbi + mikes - This image shows the wonderful Bobbi in action!

Image by: Mthree Studio

Image by: [b]ecker

Image by: Elaine Vallet

Only a couple of more hours and my weekend starts!  This weekend is even better than normal...Husband is finally done with all of his tests this week {5 different tests!} and his spring break starts!  We're not doing anything special, but it will be a nice 'break' from the usual routine and Husband can help put around the house {getting ready for spring!} when he's not studying for his boards test in June.  

So the In-laws are coming to visit while Husband has a break so that they can see their son!  I'm thinking this weekend calls for a shopping trip with the Mom-in-law!  This also means a couple of nice meals out!  Maybe i should make Dad-in-law some cookies!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm going to try and finish out my week of inspiration and finish it off with the answers to your questions.  So far there aren't many but their good ones!  So ask those questions!

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