Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Image for Today - Wednesday

Are you kidding me with that color?

I have been in love with the color purple for the last few months!  When I can across Kelly Moore's blog with this fabulous purple chair I was in love with the chair and the photography!  

What is your current color crush?

In other news, I had a great workout last night!  I haven't been having very good workouts and its been driving me crazy!  I thought this beautiful weather that we are having would be great for me to venture out of the climate and air filtered gym. 

The puppies and I got ready and headed out.  Now the puppies are Siberian huskies - they're supposed to be runners and pullers right?  Well Little One is definitely the lead dog and all about 'working' while on a run.  However, Fluffy {being the prissy little prince that he is...} didn't feel like 'working'.  I dragged him around the neighborhood for 30 minutes while Little One was dragging me {she doesn't really pull, but she does just keep going}.  I marked this run down as a not so good workout!

Last night I stayed in the gym and was puppies free and it felt great!  Maybe it was just a good workout or maybe it was the energy drink I downed before I left the house...You know it was a good one when you're already sore when you try to get out of the car after the drive home :)

I sad that I can't follow it up with another great one tonight, but I doubt after working 11 hours and going to book club tonight that I will be up for it!  

I hope you all can get a good run in for me!

3 comments: said...

Oh, yes! Currently obsessed with the color purple over here too! On the hunt for some fabulous purple heels right now.

a H.I.T. said...

Obsessed with yellow this year. Always obsessed with blue. I look like a sunny day.

SassyEngineer said...

I have kind of been liking purple lately too, but mine biggest crush is with green! I don't know why, but I keep buying green things these days :) Green just makes me happy!