Friday, March 27, 2009

I posted a sneak peak picture of Nephew Calendula here, but the family is so excited to see the rest of them {and a few live so far away 'Hi Aunt J!'} that I suppose one more teeny tiny peak wouldn't hurt...  

Image by: Jennifer

Here is Nephew Calendula in Big Brother's arms!  All 21 lbs of the little 6 month old cutie!  

I promise I'll let you know when they are all posted on my photo site.  Its taking me forever to get them finished!  I guess that's what happens when your working 50 hrs/week and brushing up on electron and x-ray microscopy in your free time!  

This new lab that I'm working in for the next month or two is doing some interesting science, but its a steep learning curve when you've never run these experiments before!  I'm really enjoying it though and hopefully it will help me get hired on full time!

Even with all that exciting stuff going on at work, I am so happy its almost the weekend!  The in-laws are coming down for dinner and staying the night to drop Mom-in-law off at the airport for her spring break trip to see Aunt J!  {She's a luck duck!}  

And we're discussing the new island cabinets we're having a relative build for our kitchen!  I'm so excited for them to get started!  {I promise I'll have before and after pictures!}

And of course there will be basketball {which means study breaks for Husband!} all weekend!  My brackets are already screwed up {thank you very much Duke and Memphis} so I only have 2 of my final four left.  

How are your brackets looking after the games last night?  What are the big plans for the weekend?  


Whitney said...

Sweet picture!!! And, well my bracket is screwed.

a H.I.T. said...

What a fabulous picture.