Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Recap

The birthday was a good one this year!  

The celebration started by going to bed early because I had a bad sore throat.  We got up early to help a friend move and I was already starting to lose my voice.  

On the way home Husband took me to the garden store to pick out my presents!  I got four clematises that I planted around the pergola.  Eventually they will climb all over it and give as a nice shaded retreat in our backyard!

Mother came to visit and took us out to dinner.  It was a quiet dinner because I couldn't really talk, but they're good at reading hand motions!  Dinner was at Cheesecake factory, nothing to special, but the lemon raspberry cheesecake was absolutely wonderful!  

cheesecake factory
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When we got home we found out that Husband had snuck out behind our backs and got me another little expansion to one of my favorite boar games Ticket to Ride.  {I love Husband!}

Sunday {Birthday} morning I spent some much need rest in the hammock under out pergola.  It was heavenly, but I had to go in and clean the house for company later in the day.

Yes I cleaned the house for my birthday.  And you would too if Grandma-in-Law was coming to visit.  We're talking the old school of thought, passive aggressive, immaculate cleaner, I can hold a grudge with the best of them Grandma.  Yes she still has a carpet rack and will use it!  The thing is that she's legally blind, but can see more than she lets anyone else know.  So I cleaned and scrubbed and Lord knows vacuumed out all of the footsteps, then locked the dogs out in the yard to keep it that way until they arrived!

The In-Laws took me to dinner at Buca di Beppos.  I thought it was a safe choice because I know Grandma-in-Law likes Italian, but hates new places.  {I was not choosing Applebees, her favorite, for my birthday dinner just to make her happy!}  Well it turns out she didn't much like Buca's either...Oh well.

After everyone left I fell asleep.  My voice was pretty much gone, I was worn out, and I really wanted to sleep.  

It was a pretty good day considering I was sick, but I would have liked it if my Dad would have called.  He always forgets things like birthdays.  Oh well, he'll remember in the next couple of days and give me a call then.

And amazingly I didn't take one picture the entire weekend!  Highly unusual...

How was everyone else's weekend?


Whitney said...

Happy {late} birthday!!!!!

SassyEngineer said...

We could totally be friends in real life! I love the lemon raspberry cheesecake - it is my favorite restaurant dessert! Also, I love Ticket to Ride. Some friends have that game and it is so much fun. I'm sorry you were feeling super well, but I hope you had a good golden birthday :)

Miss Lemonade said...

I hope you are feeling better and I'm glad you had a nice birthday! :)

*~! megs !~* said...

Glad you had a nice birthday! Grandmother in law sounds like a real doll!!

Freck said...

Yummmy!! Glad you had a nice birthday :)

jlc said...

Nothing says bday like cheeeesecake!