Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Have No Sanity Left!

I came into work today {to my regular lab} expecting to do 4 experiments - the 2 drug salts at 2 temperatures each.  It should take little over 6 hours.

Boss Man informs me {a little late I might add} that he would really like me to run the drug free base too - another 2 drugs at 2 temperatures each.  That means that my 6 hours of experiments just turned into 12 hours...{fyi I get locked out of the lab at 6 pm because I'm 'only a contractor' and I didn't get here until 7 this morning! = not enough time to run them all}

Did I mention before that these samples have a rush put on them?  Yeah, the new star drug is important.  

And I have to be back in the new lab tomorrow because they have samples for me that have a rush on them too!  

So I set up the robot to run over night, which involved writing a new protocol that I really hope works!  I'm crossing my fingers that when I get home from Wives's Book Club tonight my precious plates are still running {they won't be done until well over midnight} and the robot is not sitting in the dark alone beeping in agony that I forgot a protocol.

Now I have 2 hours to sit here and babysit the robot/read the chapter for book club tonight.  

This is way to stress full to be paid hourly on a contractor's status!  I mean seriously - I'm working from home until midnight tonight!

And because it makes me happy to look at their work...

bobbi and mike glasses

Image by: bobbi + mike

I promise to get back to the normal sanity level soon!  Tomorrow hopefully I'll find the time to do a much better post, including a tag from the wonderful Sara and a update on how the robot did!  

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