Thursday, April 2, 2009

Its Time to Celebrate!

It is officially April and no longer April Fool's Day!

And what does that mean?...

Its my birthday month!!!!

I have the next 25 days to celebrate, tell everyone the things that I absolutely 'need' without seeming greedy and be all smiles all of the time!  

I have compiled my birthday list and am circulating it to everyone that will consider getting me a gift.  Its very short this year...

Nikon D90 DSLR
It would definitely take my photography to the next level {aka digital!}

It is the only thing on my list and I have asked everyone to go in together.  Its expensive, really expensive, but I've been saving for it for a long time and with the help of birthday money I think I can finally buy it!

I have also done a few things around here for the special occasion!  Some have you might have notice, but if you haven't - 

I have a whole new layout!  There are still a few chinks to work out and I would love suggestions on what would make it better so don't forget to leave me some comment love!  I did it entirely myself so it will never be perfect and it will continue to evolve, but I'm proud of myself for learning enough HTML code to get it done!

I glad its April.  So many good things happen this month besides by birthday - April showers, the trees start to leaf, the warmer air starts to stay.  I couldn't ask for a better month to celebrate!


jessica lynn said...

LOVE the new layout. said...

Oooh! Happy birthday month to you too! When is your actual birthday? Mine is the 15th. (Tax day!)

Love the new layout. I'm impressed that you did it on your own. I still cheat and use The Cutest Blog on the Block for mine. I'm a slacker.

Miss Lemonade said...

The new blog layout is too cute!

And thanks for the sweet comment :)