Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow the yellow lined road?

Image by: Neil Creek

I am loving this golden, yellow field on this cloudy day and am dreaming of the warmer, sunnier days ahead. 

Weekend Recap

Friday - We went to a vow renewal for one of the guys at work.  It was the first time Husband has gotten to meet anyone from my work place and I was excited for him to be able to put faces with the names that I talk about.  It went well!  I was terrible and didn't get any pictures, but I will post more detail about it later!

Saturday - The Husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the grounds that if you need one day out of the year to show your spouse that you love them, you are not doing very good job the rest of the year.  So, instead we went to the bookstore. (Which happens to be a weekly trip for us!)  We ordered a few books and they should be here today!! 

Sunday - I made A TON of cupcakes.  I'm talking over 150 to the suckers!  I will tell you more about why later this week!

It was a pretty good weekend and ended abruptly with the arrival of Monday which seemed to never end!  And to top it all off I had to track down the escapees.

You might remember this post from when the Little One got loose.  Well this time it was BOTH of them (and Fluffy is a runner!), on their brand new chains, and Husband was not at home!  The neighbors called to let us know that our puppies were wagging their tails at their back door (thank you).  Luckily they hadn't gotten far and I caught them, but I was definitely out of breath! 

I think we will be getting, yet some more, new tie-out chains...

Sorry.  I haven't been a very good poster the last few days (I have lots of things to post) and this was a really random post.  It will get better, I promise!

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