Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoes can be a Religious Experience

Wasn't Husband's post yesterday a great rant?  Maybe I'll convince him to pay the bloggy a visit every once in a while...Ok maybe I can't be that persuasive, but thanks Husband for the post!

Previously I shared with all of you how important shoes are when you are working out and running and I promised to share with you my recent trip to the shoe store.  So let's get started!

While at Home-Town this weekend {to do our taxes...yuck} Dad-in-law commented that his ankle and hip were hurting, so we took a look at his shoes.  We found the problem...his shoes had little to no cushion and the sole was more heavily worn on the outside on the shoes.  The shoes were causing both of his pains.  Dad-in-law said 'alright lets go to the shoe store'.  

We took him to a specialty shop where they watch you run and analyze what kind of shoes will be best for you.  They picked out some shoes for him to try and he immediatly noticed the difference.  Then, and here's the good part...

Dad-in-law tunred to us and said 'ok now your turn!  Pick out some shoes!
I heart Dad-in-law!  Shoes are a great way to a woman's heart!  I have been putting of buy a new pair of running shoes for a very long time and was going to have to break down and get some soon.  not only that, but this shop only carries the high end running shoe, the good stuff!  

The sales associate pulled some shoes for me that fit my requests - ones I can get the most miles out, were light weight, and has the highest arch in the store.  I have extremely high arches and I have never found a part of shoes that I didn't have to stuff with more arch supports which makes them a lot heavier.  

{Now bear this is the religious experience part}  

When he handed me the first pair he said 'this is the highest arch in the store' so i was ready to be disappointed...I put them on...the arch support actually touched my foot!  I almost cried!  They  said you should have seen my face when I slipped them on.  I bet it was hilarious!  
I am now a proud owner of the Mizuno Wave Creation shoes!
And how have they been?  They are amazing!  The difference staggering.  Lesson learned.

So go to a good shoe store and bring your old shoes with you.  The new shoes could change how you feel about running!

Have you had running pains?  Were your shoes causing you to dread a work out?  What is your favorite running shoe?  


Miss Lemonade said...

Tag! You're it for the bag Tag, if you haven't already done it!

RecipeGirl said...

I went to the same store (Roadrunner, I'm assuming!) I ended up w/ a pair of New Balance, which I love... but now I have an injured ankle. I'm quite sure it doesn't have anything to do w/ the shoe- stretched ligaments, it appears. I have to stay away from running (eek!) until it gets better. Those Mizunos were the pair I was looking at before I tried on the NB... almost got those, but the NB just felt a little bit better. Maybe I'll try the M next time! Wasn't that fun getting fitted for shoes?