Monday, February 9, 2009

The Right Shoes to get Fit

Shoe are a very important tool for runners.  The right pair can keep you safe and prevent injury {it can also help your motivation...who doesn't want to break out that new pair of shoes!}.
It can be difficult to find the right pair of shoes for your activities, the shape of your feet, and the way that you run.  

The article found here is a pretty good overview of the things that need to be considered when buying a good shoe.  I have also found it helpful to have an idea of kind of shoes that you are going to be looking at before you go to the store.  The high end brand websites like Mizuno are a good resource for explaining some of the different shoe types.

So make sure you get your self a good pair of shoes!  

What is your favorite brand of athletic shoes?  Where do you find them?  Do you have any stories about how shoes changed your work out experience?

I'll share my own shoe religious experience story a little later!

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