Monday, February 9, 2009

Introducing - The Fit of IT

I have decided to decided to add another love to my little bloggy! An the new love is...

Pour l'Amour de...the Fit of It
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I am going to journal my path back to a '5 mile a day runner' along with exercise and health tips.

To start here is my story about how I have made it to were I am today...

I have always had a love of exerciseing and was surrounded with sports for as long as I can remeber. Mother is/was a Coach for everything from basketball to cross-country and now DECA {an academic 'sport'}. I can remember playing on the track or in the high school gym while she held practice. She was really hoping for her children to get involved and play all of the sports she loved. Sadly she had to be disappointed. Brother does NOT play sports. I loved gymnastics and to run, but I refuse to play anything that involves catching, throwing, or hitting a ball.

I was a gymnast when I was young and I sucked at it! But I didn't care.

In high school Mother encrouaged me to run cross-country {more like bribed me because I could letter as a freshman!} and I fell in love with running even though it hated me.

I had a love, hate relationship with running. {Have you seen those commercials?}

Running hurt me {I have cried}, its cold most of the year, and it can be lonely. But I wouldn't/couldn't stop! And then college happend and studying took all of my time. While I have never gained the infamous college/marriage 15, I have never felt as good and would be sick and tired most of the time.

Husband and I decided to change our habits! Husband has a lot of goals for weight and muscle tone. I just want to feel better.

I hope you enjoy following along. I hope I help inspire you to be active and stay motivated. I hope I can give you some great advice and tips!

{Mother and me at USA Track and Field National Championships 2007!  Its a terrible picture of me, but there it is}

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jessica lynn said...

can you run 5 a day for me too....frosh is out of shape!!