Friday, February 13, 2009

Let the Healing Begin with Silk

My wardrobe is in the healing process from what had been done to it during graduate school.  Organic chemicals can be nasty things!  Almost every article of clothing that was worn into the lab came out with chemical burns and stains.  And for these practical reasons, my wardrobe consisted of jeans and tee shirts.

Then what do I do?  I graduate.  I find a job and I need new clothes for work.  I have been slowly replenishing my closet with nicer work clothes.  (Very, painfully, slowly...we're still on a student loan budget after all!)  I'm just thankful that my wonderful job allows me to look nice and do the science that I love.

So a girl friend and I went shopping the other day and I feel in love with this silk chateau peasant top from White House Black Market...

Yes its was pricey, yes it fit me perfectly.  Husband was so kind when I showed it to him and gave him the i'm-sorry-we-can't-go-out-to-eat-this-weekend-but-I-love-it look he said how wonderful it looked on me and didn't even ask how much I spent!  

Yes I worn it to work today and only felt minorly guilty as I put on my goggles and slipped my lab coat over the new shirt.

I could get use to the shopping and not feeling guilty thing, but it might have to wait until wanna-be-doctor Husband becomes actual-real-doctor Husband in like 8 years...

So, if I'm going to keep this shopping thing up I'm going to need some input.  We're are your favorite places to shop?  Where do you go when you want to buy your self something special?

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jessica lynn said...

looove whbm. cute shirt!