Friday, February 20, 2009

An Image for Today - Friday

Oh he's not so big...I can take him!

Image by: Dave Beckerman

Look at the little dogs!  They're just boxing in the street!  You know that they probably think that they're really mean and vicious, but the little ones are always adorable.

Yeah, so...I didn't do so well on the posting this week, but there's lots that happened that I will be posting about as soon as I can find the time and I'm not dead tired!  {I've been sleeping a ton and I'm STILL tired!}  And I'm not going to catch up on sleep any time soon!

Husband and I have a full weekend ahead of us...Games all weekend with a couple of really good friends and hopefully make a few new friends in the process!

What are your plans for this weekend?  Are you going to get to rest?

I will be working hard on posting too!  Here's what you can look forward to in the near future!

*I went on a little exploratory photo shoot last Sunday and took a couple of rolls of film {film?  really?  yeah I'm behind the times.  I'm working on it!} and finally got around to getting them processed.  I will be posting some of the images.
*Remember those hundreds {ok maybe not hundreds, but still a lot!} of cupcakes?  I've got some pictures to post from that event!

*All about our exciting weekend of nerdy amazing game night.  I'm not sure about what games that will be played, but the people will be amazing!

*A new post from The Fit of It to get you all motivated to head out to the gym!

*Also from The Fit of It...Where our stories began.  A look at were Husband and I were this time last year in our journey to get healthy!

Have a great weekend!

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jessica lynn said...

ummm so your little contact button isnt working so i cannot e-mail you! i have a picture for you from jenny's wedding this summer so e-mail me! jessicalynn402 {at} gmail {dot} com