Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Image for Today - Tuesday

in the dog house...

Image By: Jennifer Photography

My morning started off with a huge scare followed by a cold jog and oh is Little Puppy in her dog house!

I put the dogs out this morning and checked on them a few times...they were running and playing and pulling on their ropes. Husband went out to bring them in after their hour of play time and came back in asking me "where's the other one?"

WHAT? Are kidding me? The Little Houdini has done it again!

So we were jogging through the neighborhood calling for her this morning. It.is.cold.out! We finally spotted her and she came running up to Husband just as happy as could be, with no cares in the world or realization that she was 'free'.

She does this on occasion, but we have no idea how she gets the clasp on the rope off the collar all by herself {hello no opposable thumbs!}

Do any of you with dogs have little houdinis like mine? Any suggestions on how to keep her on her rope? I am open to suggestions!

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