Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Nation in the Process of 'Change'

The change that I see is not a good thing.

We are simply repeating the same mis-steps as other great powers in the history of the world.

We are stepping away from the foundation that our country was built upon. Every other nation that has followed this path has failed. Rather than restating that which has already been posted I will refer you here to read more.

What is the solution to this?

We need to educate our children and ourselves. It is important to know the ideas that the nation was founded on, but more than that. We must understand why those ideas were so very important to the founders of this nation and why they are still important today.

We have confused what is a right and what is a privilege.

No - Health insurance is not a right! Health care is a right, but insurance coverage is not because it does not cause you to go untreated. You will still be cared for without it.

No - Abortion is not a right. Choosing who you have sex with (or not at all) and your choice of contraceptive is a right. No one (by law)can force you to have sex...if they do it is considered rape. (Believe it or not I have had some one argue with me about young 'unprivileged' girls not have a choice about not having sex.)

No - Welfare is not a right. I have heard (from a very trust worthy source) of kindergarteners wanting to grow up to be on welfare. It is given as a charity to help those who need it to get back on their feet. This is something that the community should take upon themselves, through the church or charity groups, not the government.

What is a right?

They are stated in the Bill of Rights. These rights are straight forward, but many people stretch their words to make the Bill of Rights conform to their idea of what it says.

I have been thinking of posting each Amendment with a discussion of each. What do you think?

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