Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eclipse This

Yes I love it. Yes I'm excited. Don't judge.

Stephenie Meyer's - "Eclipse", while not my favorite of the series is the better written of all four books (grammatically, the story line itself is somewhat lacking). Oh and let us not forget, there is finally some action and fighting.

Personally I'm looking forward to this movie out of all four (or maybe five?) films. I see some real potential to actually witness descent acting from the cast and some more mature directing. I know that most of the actors are better than the performances that have been show to date!

With New Moon set for DVD release in just over one week and the movie Eclipse coming in June the first trailer Eclipse is here!

I see some real promise! Well from Robert Pattinson anyway. I can't say much for what I see of the only other two shown in this trailer.

So what do you think? Are you into the Twilight Saga at all? Are sparkly vampires just not your thing? Love the books, but hate the movies? Love or hate all young adult literature?

Let's discuss it!

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Barefoot in the Park said...

at first i felt like a freek being late 20s liking the sparkly vamps. but i embraced and celebrate and am so looking forward to the next movie out just in time for my birthday!