Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll have the Double McTwist

This man is one amazing snowboarder:

Did you see Shaun White do his new trick the 'Double McTwist 1260'? Seriously, it was like art in the air! It always a pleasure to watch him compete. And the rest of the American team too. Scotty Lago ran well and definitely deserved to bring home the bronze. I'm excited to see Greg Bretz in the future, he has real promise! But I personally think that Louie Vito was gypped in the scoring.

And what about this woman?

Lindsey Vonn was just wonderful, even favoring her injured shin and essentially crossing the finish line on one ski! Well done Vonn and Julia Mancuso with the silver!

It was an exciting night of the Olympics!

Its is really getting to me, staying up all night every night to watch, but its worth it.

I love the Olympics.

Now if we could just get better coverage by NBC, on 24 hours a day, I would be blissfully happy!

1 comment:

Allison said...

I want to know why it was called the MC Twist...what is the "Mc" for?

But yeah, never in my life have I cared about snowboarding or really any winter sports...but I'm completely enthralled with the Olympics!