Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can we Not be Neighbors Anymore?

Husband and I live in a moderately nice middle class neighborhood. It looks nice, the properties are well cared for and its safe. It was the perfect place for our starter home. If we are lucky we will get to live here through residency. But this isn't the neighborhood that I had expected when we moved in...

Maybe I was given these grand ideas of friendly neighbors and welcoming waves and smiles from TV. There are a few that will wave to you when you drive by or give you a nod when you're walking the dog. We only have one couple that I would consider 'friends' that we may have dinner with once a quarter.

Its not for lack of trying. I have offered on a number of occasions to have couples over for dinner. They're excuse - we couldn't find a sitter. Then when I offer to welcome the kids too or be available at ANY time they can find a sitter, I never get a response.

There is one woman in particular. She doesn't acknowledge anyone. When you knock on her door her husband {who is super sweet} will answer while she peaks at you from the upstairs window when you leave. {yes she has done this} The only time that she'll even talk to us is when she wants to invite me to a jewelry/decor/pampered chef party in hopes that I'll buy something and give her an extra discount.

When we moved in across the street and there were only three houses on the street I made cookies and went over to introduce ourselves. Apparently it was the wrong thing to do after reading her post on Face*book this morning:

Status: got an invite today in my mailbox...a "we're your new neighbor" gathering. come over for light hors d'oeuvres and meet us! hmmm...that's different, but ok...i guess welcome to the neighborhood! lol

Comments: from a friend-check them out from a distance first...make sure they're safe.
neighbor-no kidding! can't i just say hi when its warmer and i am out working in the yard and THEN maybe we can discuss coming over for hors d'oeuvres?

-personally i think its a bit odd and they put on the invite...bring your family.

{in response to alcohol being provided} -you know that's what i will be taking for their housewarming gift! if they don't like it, i will bring it back home! hee hee that will tell me alot about these people

What do you think? Am I out of line to think that this neighbor is being ridiculous and snooty? Would you be upset in your new neighbor invited you to THEIR house just to meet you? Would you hold a party for yourself?


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Freck said...

What a weird invite?? Maybe they think their house rocks and want people to come to them...I don't know, this puzzles me...good luck!