Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conversation in Which I Kept My Mouth Shut... order to keep it work appropriate and allow two fathers to remain clueless.

This honestly happened to me the other day, and please don't ask how they got on this topic; I started listening after the damage was already done.

---------- the gist of it ----------

My Cube Neighbor and a co-worker were discussing their teenage boys (maybe 14-15 year olds) and how they go through so much body wash. Tons of it!

They are constantly buying it. They have to be the cleanest boys ever!

The national body wash of teenage boys everywhere.
Just go sniff a high school...

Co-worker said, "yeah it doesn't help that he has to take multiple showers a day. I woke him up to go shovel the driveway and he jumped in the shower." He said he asked him, "what'd you do that for when you going out to work and he just blew me off!"

---------- end topic ----------

In an attempt to NOT GO THERE with these clueless fathers I turned back around to my computer, but I really wanted to ask them, are you serious?

Are they so detached from what it was like to be a horm*nal teenage boy that they have no idea?

I was just screaming in silence, wanting to tell them exactly what their boys could be doing with copious amounts of sudsy soap. Alone. In their shower. First thing in the morning. Multiple times a day.

Alas, I let it slide so as to avoid all of that awkwardness and allow those fathers to remain blissfully unaware that their boys are growing up.


Brunch at Saks said...

Oh my girl- I would have had to bite my tongue the whole day too! Is this Dad really that clueless?! Aye yi yi! Hope you are having a great week XOXO

Jenny said...

Oh my. LOL. I have to admit, I'm not sure that I would have thought of this either. But in my defense, I didn't grow up around a single boy. LOL