Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To quote Galerius and the Edict of Tolerance...

"...wherefore, for this our indulgence, they ought to pray to their God for our safety, for that of the republic, and for their own, that the republic may continue uninjured on every side, and that they may be able to live securely in their homes."

I am unsure if this is even possible for the future of our nation.

With the prospect of the Fairness Doctrine, gun control (bans and limitations), and the plan Obama has for a Domestic Military aren't you unsure too? The Fairness Doctrine can take away the right to free speech...Gun control takes away our right to bear arms (Key to our nation...our ability to protect ourselves from wrong doers and an oppressive government)...and to top it off...a home military force to control and suppress the people (who can no longer fight back).

The denial of these key rights of the people has always marked to down turn of the best nations throughout history. In the past these down turns have been forced on the people, but what is more disturbing has been when the people elect and choose these rights to be taken.

On this day, after a monumental election day I am glad to say congratulations to the African American community for achieving the White House.

But...I am also sad to add, at what cost? The ideas proposed by him (if carried through) sound more like the USSR than the USA and for that I am sad and unsure of the future of this great nation.

I am also disappointed in the "youth of our nation", of which I am embarrassed to call myself a part. You have voted in record number without being informed and knowledgeable of the decision you were making.

I can on pray for today's "youth"...Lord forgive them for they know not what they this nation.

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jessica lynn said...

i agree with you about the youth voting and making an uninformed and unknowledgable decision. its just too sad.