Friday, November 14, 2008

An Image for Today - Thursday

A tucked away secret...

Image by: Jennifer Photography

We were walking away from the Lincoln and toward the World War II when we saw a small memorial tucked to the side and behind the trees in a small clearing. It was the most beautiful memorial, seemingly forgotten. No one was there. We turned to walk towards it and the sun light hit was gorgeous. We were alone as if this small structure was unimportant. Then we saw that some one had placed a cross and a small US flag in the center of the marble floor. It was a magical moment to pay respect to this neglected, small memorial that was so beautiful and touched by the sun.

It was the District of Columbia War Memorial commemorating the citizens of the District of Columbia who served in World War I. It was overlooked by every one for the larger memorials, but on that Veteran's Day it was where we felt the most thankful for those who had fought for us.

Sorry this didn't get posted...well on Thursday, but better late than never!

So...what have been your most moving moments? Have you found something off the beaten path that meant more to you than the tourist hot spots? Do you like follow the straight line or let life take you where it will?

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