Friday, June 5, 2009

I Don't Envy Him

Husband is taking his licensing boards test today.

He has been studying for this day since the beginning of May.

He left an hour early to get there.

It probably started it at about 6 this morning.

Its supposed to last until about 3 this afternoon.

He's not allowed anything with him but his ID.

I do not envy him! Please keep him and his test taking abilities in your thoughts today! It is a very important day for his career!

**Edited to Add**
Husbnad finished the test early and is headed to a The Boy's for his bachelor party (And Mother's coming to visit me)!  We won't find out how he did on the test for 6 WEEKS!  I'm sure he did amazing though.  As for this weekend Cross you fingers with me that Husband forgets his wallet at home...they're headed to the casinos...


Whitney said...

I will definitely be thinking about him! I sure don't envy him either - I was terrible at test taking! Let us know how everything turns out!

*~! megs !~* said...

wow!! not jealous of him at all!!! But good luck to him.. let us know how it goes!