Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Or rather half-birthday.

Firefly is a Christmas baby, having been born within a week of this most fabulous and all about full of presents holiday.

Having a brother born in December, I've seen what it can be like to have a Christmas time birthday. My brother always got so upset every time people lumped his special day with the holiday and tried to combine gifts not that he didn't try to finagle larger gifts for himself by proposing the idea.

That being said, I realized while I was shopping for both Christmas and Firefly's birthday that he was going to miss out on certain gifts because they just weren't available or practical to buy in the middle of winter and every little boy needs a bike or toys for the pool. So I decided we were going to celebrate his half birthday.

Just something small, no parties or cake, but he was very excited! (and I may have put half his birthday presents aside for this purpose because he's only one and doesn't know any different)

Just what every boy wants. New shoes!

He was so excited about his new ATV that I couldn't hold him back while Husband was trying to open the box. He managed to squeeze his little butt onto the seat though!

He loves just sitting on it and pushing the buttons for the horn and engine. Have you learned the trick of putting tape over the speaker to make it quieter? because we sure have!

He was thrilled and he got some things that he can or can't because holy hell its hot out there play with outside. 

I took this idea from celebrating the half birthdays of summer babies during the school year and this is something that I want to continue as he gets older. Though, I definitely want to keep the celebration and gifting on a small scale.

What would you do to help keep a Christmas baby from resenting their birth-date and keep the holiday and birthday separate?  

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Legally Married said...

How wonderful! One of my dear friends has a Christmas birthday (actually on Christmas day) and she said that her parents were good about giving her gifts wrapped in birthday paper, as well as regular Christmas gifts, then letting her have a party with friends in the summer. Looks like he had a FABULOUS day! :)