Friday, May 20, 2011

Squawking Like Mad

Have you seen the movie "The Birds" by Hitchcock?

Well its happening.  Birds are invading... our house anyways.

Last year we had a couple of barn swallows that built a nest above our front door and laid eggs in a matter of just a couple of days.  Needless to say we would have knocked it down had we spotted it sooner.  It was a huge mess and drove the puppies crazy!  After the babies finally flew away to cleaned it up.

But they came back.

They started building another nest this spring and not wanting to deal with that again husband would knock their accomplishment down every day.  This pissed them off terribly.  Finally they gave up.  Everything was nice and quiet.

Until Monday this week.  I came home to Husband plotting and squawking coming from the fan in the bathroom.  Those damn birds had opened the vent cover with their beaks and flown across a room and a half of tubing to the bathroom fan and started building a new nest.  Husband turned the fan on in the bathroom and all hell broke loose.  And they got trapped.

Poor Husband spent the entire evening in the attic to clear them out and removed hand fulls of nesting material.  He put up some mesh and we thought we were done.

The next day we came home to a dead bird hanging from the outside of the vent.  Its still there.  Its gross.  We don't have a ladder tall enough to reach it.

Then, I was walking to Firefly's room and happened to look at the bathroom ceiling.  The fan looked like it was going to fall.  Sure enough, there was still a bird up there, stuck, with a broken wing and leg.  So Husband got to fish that one out too.  He put it by the pond, but it will most likely die too.  I hope they all learned there lesson and the rest of the birds be warned!

The end score this week is Husband-2: Birds-0.  

Husband - Bird Killer

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