Thursday, January 7, 2010

What are You Eating?

If you follow my tweets you may have raised an eyebrow in confusion yesterday! Here's the story...

Husband is on his pediatrics rotation and some one thought during lecture it would be a good idea to give him a crayon.

It was a cute project and perfect for peds: without words express why you want to be a doctor. Of course he asks who has the green crayon and starts poking fun at them because they're just going to draw $ right? No so much, she's a sweet heart.

But seriously the big problem here is that Husband has a crayon. Husband = zero arts and/or craft skills. His art class in college {sculpture} was all done by me after hours and then thrown against the wall to make it look like he did it. Husband 'drew' the people he would help.

So I give you this. His beautiful artwork.

{It kind of makes me feel like a proud mom and want to put it on the fridge with a huge magnet}

Apparently one of his classmates thought the big floating head looks like and ogre. And proceeded to think that it was a good representation of Husband. To which Husband responds with the only logical answer, 'Yes I want to be a doctor because I just want to eat babies.'

Lesson of the day: don't give Husband crayons. He'll give you back a picture like when he was 5 and verbal answers like he was 10 with same goofy grin.

{I love him}

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